Best Rated Micrometer Sets

If youbest-micrometer-sets measure objects of all shapes and sizes, investing in high quality micrometer sets will save you money.  You could potentially save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a set, rather than buying each micrometer individually.

Before making a purchase, make a list of objects you measure most frequently.  What range does it fall under?  Some micrometer sets are capable of recording measurements from 0-12 inches.  You may need a set that ranges from 6-12″.  By recording your most frequent measurements, you will get the best bang for your buck.

Top 10 Best Rated Micrometer Sets

Micrometer sets are a great investment for anyone who uses these tools on a daily basis.  Here’s our favorite sets built by top brands such as Mitutoyo, Starrett, and Brown & Sharpe.

Mitutoyo Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometer Setmitutoyo-interchangable-anvil-micrometer-set

This Mitutoyo micrometer set is one of my favorites.  Rather than having several different bodies, this set contains one micrometer body.  To measure objects of different size ranges, you simply swap the current stem with one of the additional stems that are included in the set.

Favorite Features

  • Versatile: The interchangeable anvil stems make this micrometer capable of recording a wide range of measurements.
  • Space Saver: The custom wood case included with this micrometer set is super slim because it only contain one body.

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Anytime Tools Outside Micrometer Set

Anytime time Tools Micrometer Set

This micrometer set by Anytime Tools is perfect for students and hobbyists.  The set includes 6 different micrometers with a total range of 0-6 inches.  Although we wouldn’t recommend this particular set to a professional machinist, this set is great for your garage or classroom.

Favorite Features

  • Affordability:  This micrometer set is a great bargain for anyone just starting out.
  • Carbide Anvil:  This makes the micrometers more durable and less susceptible to wear over time.

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Brown & Sharpe Outside Micrometer SetBrown & Sharpe Outside Micrometer Set

We recommend this set for the working professional measuring material between 0-3 inches.  This micrometer set by Brown & Sharpe should be looked at as a long term investment.  With proper maintenance, these micrometers will last a decades.

Favorite Features

  • Quality: You know your getting top quality when you buy Brown & Sharpe micrometers.
  • Durability: This will be the only 0-3 micrometer set you will ever need.

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Fowler Outside Micrometer Set

Fowler Micrometer Set

This is another set that we recommend for students and hobbyists.  The low price and high accuracy make this set a great purchase.

Favorite Features

  • Affordability: Great price for anyone looking to measure material between 0-3 inches.
  • Digital Counter: This is a unique feature that we find quite useful.  There is no LCD screen but each micrometer in this set contains a digital counter for fast readings.  

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