Types of Micrometers Archive

Laser Micrometers

Laser micrometers provide quick, extremely precise measurements in a matter of seconds. We examine the top laser micrometer models to find the best ones.

Groove Micrometers

Groove micrometers allow quick and accurate measurements of internal or external grooves. We put together a guide to help you find the best groove micrometer for your job.

Uni Micrometers

A uni micrometer features interchangeable anvils, offering a wide range of measurements. Our uni micrometer buying guide will help you find the best one.

V-Anvil Micrometers

V anvil micrometers are used for measuring the diameter of a circle. The shape of the micrometer allows you to get three measuring points evenly spaced around it. Click here to see the best rated V anvil micrometers.

Tube Micrometers

When you want to measure the thickness of tubes or pipes, you'll need a tubular micrometer. Click here to read more.

Depth Micrometers

If you need an accurate measurement of a slot or step, a depth micrometer is the way to go. These instruments are also great to measure the depth of teeth.

Inside Micrometers

Need to measure the inner diameter of a pipe or hole? You'll want to get an inside micrometer for the job. Click here for more information about the best inside micrometers.

Outside Micrometers

Outside micrometers are the most common precision instrument today. The durability and extreme precision of these instruments would be a great addition to any toolbox.