Micrometer Maintenance – Important Tips and Tricks

So you recently bought a micrometer and you’re excited to get down to work.  Before you do, it is important that you keep some basic maintenance tips in mind.  These tips will help extend the life of your micrometer and ensure you are always getting an accurate reading.

General Maintenance


You want to make sure your micrometer is always clean.  Wipe it down with a fiber cloth before and after each use.  This will keep it free from scrap and debris and help fight corrosion.



Micrometers are fragile.  These incredibily precise instruments need to be stored with care.  When you are done using your micrometer, carefully store it in a drawer or cabinet where it won’t be prone to accidents.  To take it a step further, keep  it in a specially made case.  Most micrometers come with padded cases to keep your tool out of harms way.

Accidents and Drops

If you happen to drop your micrometer, carefully inspect it for any cracks or chips.  If you have a digital micrometer, make sure the LCD screen is not cracked, and functioning properly.